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Mimita Zabana

BC - Biochemistry
      BC.07107 Bioinformatics (practical course, in silico)
      BL - Biology
      BL.00001 General biology I (lecture)
      BL.00040 Biology of Organisms I: Vertebrates
          BL.00426 Taxonomy ans ecology of tunicates in Central Africa
          Table of Contents
          BL.00001 General biology I (lecture) BL.00002 General biology II (lecture) BL.00013 Ecology BL.00014 Molecular Biology BL.00015 Animal Physiology BL.00018 Plant Molecular Biology BL.00020 Neurobiology BL.00021 Evolutionary Biology BL.00032 Plant-Pathogen Interactions BL.00037 Experimental ecology BL.00040 Biology of Organisms I: Vertebrates BL.00041 Biology of organisms II: Invertebrates BL.00042 Biology of organisms III: Fungi and plants (lecture and practical course/excursions) BL.00045 Hormones and plant development BL.00049 Population genetics BL.00057 Developmental biology BL.00060 Plant metabolism and its role in human health and nutrition BL.00061 Diversit\xE9 fonctionnelle des microorganismes BL.00063 Basics of bacteriology BL.00114 Experimental genetics BL.00115 The RNA world BL.00117 Neurogenetics BL.00119 Molecular genetics of model organism development BL.00120 Topics in developmental biology BL.00125 Light and fluorescence microscopy for Life Sciences BL.00201 Advanced topics in evolutionary genetics and ecology BL.00202 Biological invasions and trophic interactions BL.00203 Workshop in statistics and experimental design BL.00213 Ecological networks BL.00216 Introduction to statistics with R Model BL.00219 The evolution of life histories and aging BL.00221 Biostatistics BL.00308 Plant development: the life of a sessile organism BL.00317 Molecular basis of innate immunity: Theoretical and practical aspects BL.00410 Scientific writing BL.00412 Introduction to protein structure and function BL.00416 Biological rhythms BL.00419 Advanced imaging BL.00424 Microbiomes: from plants to humans BL.00425 Metagenomics data analysis BL.00426 Taxonomy ans ecology of tunicates in Central Africa BL.00451 Introduction to mass spectrometry and proteomics BL.00452 Advanced quantitative proteomics BL.00501 Introduction to data analysis BL.01500 Principles of genetics BL.06002 Classical models in biology (lecture)
          SO - Soft matter
          CH - Chemistry
          CH.01014 Introduction to chemistry (with exercises)
                    CH.04825 Advanced polymer chemistry (lecture and exercises)
                      PH - Physics
                      PH.02212 Introduction to particle and nuclear physics (exercises)
                                                      PH.04665 Electronic structure in solids
                                                      GG - Geography
                                                      GG.0205 Urban geography
                                                        GG.0262 Geomorphology - quaternary, part 1 (lecture)
                                                        GG.0263 Geomorphology - quaternary, part 2 (lecture)
                                                        GG.0305 Political geography
                                                        GG.0312 Geographic information processing (GIS)
                                                        GG.0313 Processing of remotely sensed images (RS-IP)
                                                        GG.0318 Geography of environment
                                                        GG.0322 Qualitative methods III
                                                          GG.0473 Seminar in global change, development and ethics
                                                            GG.0484 Seminar in social theories
                                                            GG.0485 Environmental History
                                                            GG.00487 Issues in environmental ethics
                                                            GS - Geoscience
                                                            GS.0102 Introduction to geoscience, part 2 (lecture)
                                                              GS.00157 Cartography and introduction to GIS (practical course)
                                                              ST - Earth Science
                                                              ST.0113 General geology (lecture)
                                                              ST.0114 General geology (practical course)
                                                              ST.0206 Tectonics (lecture)
                                                              ST.0211 Tectonics (lecture and practical course)
                                                              ST.0214 Optical microscopy (practical course)
                                                              SE- Environmental Science
                                                                  IN - Computer Science
                                                                      MA - Mathematics
                                                                          MA.00103 Introduction to Analysis I (lecture with exercises)
                                                                                      Table of Contents
                                                                                      MA.00103 Introduction to Analysis I (lecture with exercises) MA.00104 Introduction to Analysis II (lecture with exercises) MA.00202 Introductory linear algebra (lecture) MA.01203 Linear Algebra (lecture with exercises) MA.02131 Analysis III, lecture with exercises MA.02132 Analysis IV, lecture with exercises MA.02231 Algebra and Geometry I, lecture with exercises MA.02232 Algebra and Geometry II, lecture with exercises MA.02331 Introduction to Numerical Analysis I, lecture with exercises MA.02332 Introduction to Numerical Analysis II, lecture with exercises MA.02431 Introduction to Probability and Statistics I, lecture with exercises MA.02705 Mathematics I for BSc_SI, lecture with exercises MA.02706 Mathematics II for BSc_SI, lecture with exercises MA.03111 Calculus of variations MA.03115 Geometric control theory MA.03123 Topics in complex analysis MA.03124 Topics in complex analysis II MA.03130 Minimal surfaces MA.03133 Sobolev spaces and quasisymmetric mappings MA.03134 Theory of distributions 1st part MA.03135 Theory of distributions 2nd part MA.03208 Geometry and arithmetics MA.03210 Introduction to differential geometry MA.03211 Geometric Group Theory MA.03218 Riemannian Geometry I MA.03219 Riemannian Geometry II MA.03222 Coxeter Groups MA.03223 Classical Geometry MA.03225 Introduction to symplectic topology 1st part MA.03226 Introduction to symplectic topology 2nd part MA.03230 Convex Geometry MA.03231 Dynamical systems MA.03312 Mathematical methods in quantitative finance MA.03315 Stochastic processes (lecture) MA.03330 Rational numerical Analysis MA.03401 Measure and integration MA.03412 Probability MA.03414 The Ising model and related topics MA.03507 Mathematical methodes in Risk Theory MA.03512 Lie groups MA.03514 Lie groups and Lie algebras MA.03519 Discrete Mathematics I MA.03520 Discrete Mathematics II MA.03537 Differential topology and Morse theory MA.03553 Functional Analysis MA.03557 Introduction to algebraic topology MA.03568 Analysis and geometry of metric spaces MA.03574 Combinatorial methods in topology MA.03578 Introduction to geometric measure theory MA.03579 Quasiconformal mappings MA.03580 Metric Geometry MA.03581 Matroid theory MA.03583 Analysis on manifolds MA.03802 Thematical seminar MA.03803 Free seminar MA.03805 Free seminar MA.04111 Calculus of variations MA.04124 Topics in complex analysis II MA.04134 Theory of distributions 1st part MA.04135 Theory of distributions 2nd part MA.04217 Algebraic Number Theory MA.04218 Riemannian Geometry I MA.04219 Riemannian Geometry II MA.04222 Coxeter Groups MA.04223 Classical Geometry MA.04225 Introduction to symplectic topology 1st part MA.04226 Introduction to symplectic topology 2nd part MA.04230 Convex Geometry MA.04307 Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations and integral equations MA.04311 Stochastic calculus MA.04312 Mathematical methods in quantitative finance MA.04315 Stochastic processes (lecture) MA.04321 Numerical linear algebra MA.04400 Measure and integration MA.04412 Probability MA.04414 The Ising model and related topics MA.04507 Mathematical methodes in Risk Theory MA.04553 Functional analysis MA.04540 Vector bundles and K-theory MA.04557 Introduction to algebraic topology MA.04577 Geometric function theory MA.04578 Introduction to geometric measure theory MA.04579 Quasiconformal mappings MA.04580 Metric Geometry MA.04581 Matroid theory MA.04583 Analysis on manifolds MA.04802 Thematical seminar MA.04803 Free seminar MA.07003 Mathematical Methods for Computer Science I, lecture with exercises MA.07004 Mathematical Methods for Computer Science II, lecture with exercises
                                                                                      ME - Medicine Science
                                                                                      ME.04204 Nervous system and sensory organs
                                                                                      ME.05304 General pathology
                                                                                      ME.06100 Nervous system : selected topics I
                                                                                      ME.06200 Nervous system : selected topics II
                                                                                      MH - Human Medicine
                                                                                      MH.02101 Transmission and processing of biological Information
                                                                                      MH.04101 Defense and immunity
                                                                                      MH.04203 Nervous system and sense organs
                                                                                      MO - Morphology
                                                                                      MO.0004 Functional human anatomy
                                                                                      PY - Physiology
                                                                                      PY.0110 Physiology and pathophysiology of regulatory systems, Part I
                                                                                      PY.0623 Basis of neurophysiology
                                                                                      PY.1011 Neurobiology I (french)
                                                                                      PY.2011 Neurobiology II (french)
                                                                                      SP - Sport
                                                                                      SP.01012 Sport neuropsychology
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