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François Rappaz

BC - Biochemistry
BC.7107 Bioinformatics (practical course, in silico)
BL -Biology
BL.0001 General biology I (lecture)
BL.0040 Biology of Organisms I: Vertebrates
CH - Chemistry
CH.1014 Introduction to chemistry (with exercises)
CH.4012 Physical organic chemistry (lecture)
  • Eric V. Anslyn, Dennis A. Dougherty. (2006). Modern physical organic chemistry. ([3rd print.]) Univ. Science Books, 2006.
GG - Geography
GG.0205 Urban geography
GG.0262 Geomorphology - quaternary, part 1 (lecture)
GG.0263 Geomorphology - quaternary, part 2 (lecture)
GG.0305 Political geography
GG.0312 Geographic information processing (GIS)
GG.0313 Processing of remotely sensed images (RS-IP)
GG.0318 Geography of environment
GG.0322 Qualitative methods III
GG.0484 Seminar in social theories
GS - Geoscience
GS.0102 Introduction to geoscience, part 2 (lecture)
ST - Earth Science
ST.0113 General geology (lecture)
ST.0114 General geology (practical course)
ST.0206 Tectonics (lecture)
ST.0211 Tectonics (lecture and practical course)
ST.0214 Optical microscopy (practical course)
ST.0514 Palaeoceanography and pelagic microfacies
SE- Environmental Science
SE.0141 Issues of sustainable development
MA - Mathematics
IN - Computer Science
PH - Physics
PH.4301 Magnetism and quantum fluids (lecture)
ME - Medicine Sciences
ME.4204 Nervous system and sensory organs
ME.6100 Nervous system : selected topics I
ME.6200 Nervous system : selected topics II
MH - Human Medicine
MH.2101 Transmission and processing of biological Information
MH.4101 Defense and immunity
MH.4203 Nervous system and sense organs
MH.4901 Bones, muscles and joints: current topics in research and clinics
MH.5101 General pathology - General pharmacology
MH.6202 Endocrine system: pathophysiology and clinical basics
MO - Morphology
MO.0004 Functional human anatomy
PY - Physiology
PY.0110 Physiology and pathophysiology of regulatory systems, Part I
PY.0623 Basis of neurophysiology
PY.1011 Neurobiology I (french)
PY.2011 Neurobiology II (french)
SP - Sport
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